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Having a Last Will & Testament is an essential tool in preventing your family from going through the misery of handling an intestate estate.  One’s own mortality is certainly a topic that no one wants to face, however, putting it off until its too late will not only prevent you from directing the division of your estate as you would prefer, but it also often causes strife within even the closest of families at time when they should be focusing on their bereavement.  Also, having a Last Will & Testament, in conjunction with other prudent estate planning, can allow you to prevent your assets from being more heavily taxed and see to it that your last wishes are carried out if you are rendered unable to communicate.

Here, the aim of our practice is two-fold: first, to ensure that your assets and final wishes are carried out according to your desires; and second, to avoid your estate and family the turmoil of probate.  In addition to providing an actual Last Will & Testament, we provide comprehensive estate planning services to address the various tax issues and practical concerns (for example, some assets are better served through a “will substitute” that will allow some assets to completely bypass probate; frequent examples include life insurance policies and property titled jointly with a right of survivorship).  Also, we can assist in providing a living will and advance directive that can provide your family with valuable guidance if you should become unable to make decisions for yourself.

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